December 14th, 2016

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2TUSD ($2T) on Reverse Repo… Wwwowww!

Taking these factors into account, the Desk anticipates that around $2 trillion of Treasury securities will be available for ON RRP operations to fulfill the FOMC’s domestic policy directive. In the highly unlikely event that the value of bids received in an ON RRP operation exceeds the amount of available securities, the Desk will allocate awards using a single-price auction based on the stop-out rate at which the overall size limit is reached, with all bids below this rate awarded in full at the stop-out rate and all bids at this rate awarded on a pro rata basis at the stop-out rate…

2 триллиона начали упоминаться в бюллетенях начиная с 2015 года. Как бы им там не пришлось экстренно собираться в январе и лимиты расширять.