Alex Yu. Pyt'yev (john_archer) wrote,
Alex Yu. Pyt'yev

Отчёт экспертного совета федеральных финансовых учреждений (US)

Вчера был опубликован многостраничный документ, который этот совет представляет в Конгресс США. Мне показались интересными не только тезисы, опубликованные на странице Banking Agencies Issue Joint Report to Congress Under the Economic Growth, но и список предложений агенства по решению проблем.


  • Simplifying regulatory capital rules for community banks and savings associations;

  • Streamlining reports of condition and income (Call Reports);

  • Increasing the appraisal threshold for commercial real estate loans; and

  • Expanding the number of institutions eligible for less frequent examination cycles.


  • give credit union loan officers the ability, under certain circumstances, to no longer require a personal guarantee;

  • replace explicit loan-to-value limits with the principle of appropriate collateral and eliminating the need for a waiver;

  • lift limits on construction and development loans;

  • exempt credit unions with assets under $250 million and small commercial loan portfolios from certain requirements; and

  • affirm that non-member loan participations, which are authorized under the Federal Credit Union Act, do not count against the statutory member business lending cap.

Tags: 2017, congress, ffiec, usa
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