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Кто говорит, что Сэнди небольшой дождик устроил - лох

Третий день г-н sl_lopatnikov бьёт себя пяткой в грудь насчёт того, что у него там чисто дождик пописал и всё ништяк. У него-то может и ништяк, но вот у некоторых товарищей на 8-й авеню града Нью-Йорка - не всё.

Письмо из техподдержки Livestream:
[The Livestream's update on Sandy impact]

Dear Customers,

We would like to update you on the impact of Hurricane Sandy on Livestream’s services and on the Livestream team.

Livestream Service:

Livestream's primary data center, hosted at Internap in New York (4th floor of 111 8th Avenue, New York) lost power on Monday night. As a top tier data center facility, Internap switched to a backup generator without any issues.

At 5:35am EST on Wednesday, the Internap generators failed due to an issue with the fuel pumps. At 12:00pm EST, Internap resolved the fuel pump issue, and our servers started to receive backup power once again. By 3pm our engineering team recovered our full service.

Unfortunately, our servers are still running on backup power from diesel generators, and until power from the utility company is fully restored, we are still at a risk of further outages. Generators, which rely on diesel fuel, are set to be refueled tonight with an additional 5 days worth of diesel, but full power should be restored by Sunday.

Livestream HQ:

Our New York HQ located at 111 8th avenue (located in the same building as our servers at Internap but on a different floor) also lost all power on Monday night and is still without power.

Our New York team, staff of 82, is unable to work in this office until power is fully restored.

As of today we restored basic level phone support for our Premium customers. Tomorrow our full sales and support team will be operating and answering calls out of a temporary office located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Livestream Team:

I’m glad to share that all of the Livestream team members along with their families and friends appear to be safe in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many team members are at home without electricity, internet connection, phone, or hot water – but they are safe and in good spirits. Together we continue to push Livestream forward, to help our customers and to help NYC recover.

We truly appreciate your patience and support in this trying time for the people and places affected by the storm, the Livestream Team & Service, and our customers around the world who rely on our service and support. We understand the impact this outage has had on your events, customers and viewers, and on behalf of Livestream we would like to extend our sincere apologies.

Thank You for Your Support

The well wishes, support and kindness from the Livestream Community has been awe inspiring. As a NYC startup, we're seeing a solidarity come through and it's motivating us to push forward and provide the best service possible to our customers.

Best Regards,
Max Haot & The Livestream Team

Вот вы верите товарищам анти-пропагандистам? Я - нет. Вообще, к товарищам с приставкой анти- (типа антифашистов) я отношусь с большим подозрением, и при случае отрядил бы их в помощь г-ну МБХ. Они там полезнее будут, по крайней мере, не будут заражать старпёрским смрадом интернеты.
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